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8 Dec
Written in MemHT by Manojlo Miltenovikj on Monday 08 Dec 2014 14:31
A lot of people is asking me what's going on with MemHT because there were no updates since... ever. Well, life happened :) I'm working a lot and have no time to dedicate to MemHT for the moment. But don't panic, MemHT is alive and while i suggest you to download the last code available in the SVN on SourceForge (see documents) the RC version proved to be very secure. Several guys, myself included are using it in a lot of production websites, some of them are actually commercial products and while the development of plugins and templates is basically stopped, security is continuously verified (no problems yet). Obviously feel free to contribute to the project with your work if you want and have time and let me know for any problem you have as always. Since nobody is using the forums except for complaining about me (lol) i locked it, you can contact me using the contact page (look at the bottom of the website), i'll help you in no time :)
1 Apr
Written in MemHT by Manojlo Miltenovikj on Monday 01 Apr 2013 08:13
It was about time right? The new  MemHT 5 core based website is online. I didn't actually have time to test it and i asked few trusted friends to do it for me. They all said it works fine... should we trust them? :D

This is the official end of MemHT 4 and as you can see i removed every trace of it because i wanted to start from scratch. Of course you'll receive support for critical problems as always, but you should start thinking about converting everything to MemHT 5 as soon as possible.

PS: Take a look at the MemHT Converter ;)
PPS: A lot of news are coming, stay tuned!
PPPS: It's not an April fool!!!
17 Oct
Written in MemHT by Manojlo Miltenovikj on Wednesday 17 Oct 2012 21:20
Hurray! The Release Candidate of MemHT 5 has been released!

As it has been announced (very deep in the past), the RC version is the first "real" 5 version, this means it doesn't contain all of the available plugins, languages, templates and extensions. Indeed plugins like Downloads, Files manager, Gallery, Links etc. need to be installed separately (they are almost all available in the SVN revision 157 anyway). Other plugins are not ready yet (Forums, Advertising manager, Newsletter etc), but they will be available soon.
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