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17 Oct
Written in MemHT by Manojlo Miltenovikj on Wednesday 17 Oct 2012 20:20
Hurray! The Release Candidate of MemHT 5 has been released!

As it has been announced (very deep in the past), the RC version is the first "real" 5 version, this means it doesn't contain all of the available plugins, languages, templates and extensions. Indeed plugins like Downloads, Files manager, Gallery, Links etc. need to be installed separately (they are almost all available in the SVN revision 157 anyway). Other plugins are not ready yet (Forums, Advertising manager, Newsletter etc), but they will be available soon.

The new face should be online soon too... probably before i turn 80 =)
It will be (at some point) very interactive, allowing people to do translations online, upload their scripts/plugins/extensions/templates etc etc, have their own corner (to be used wisely) to publicize their MemHT related (heh, there is always a catch) works, stories or... something else...

Enough bla bla...

Download MemHT RC

As always i'm expecting to receive tons of feedback with your impressions or problems.
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