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Several MemHT plugins like Gallery and Downloads need to write in specific folders: the gallery allows the administrator to upload images, the download plugin allows to upload files and so on. MemHT will try to set up writing permissions by itself, but this is not always possible. This is why the engine might need your help to set those folders and make them writable by using Chmod (Wikipedia).

The use of the chmod command might not be simple for beginners but there are several ftp clients that make this step very easy. Let's see how to do it on FileZilla:
Step 1 - Selecting the folder
Press the right mouse button (right handed users) and select "File permissions".


Step 2 - Choosing the permission
Check the permissions you want to apply to the folder or write the numeric value 755 in the shown text edit field.


Sometimes you could be asked to set more permissive writing attributes like 777, but you should be aware that you would be granting full control to "anybody" (not quite, but let's say it's true) and it could be dangerous!
This documentation is not yet complete.
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