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Step 1 - License
On the first step of the installation, you will be asked to accept the MemHT's license (GNU/GPL v2).


Step 2 - Requirements
The second screen will control the required and the optional components that MemHT needs.
Attention: If there is some unavailable component into the "required" section, MemHT will not work properly (it might not work at all)! You'll need to add or fix the missing component before installing it.


Step 3 - Database data
In the third step, you'll need to set the database connection data. This will allow MemHT to connect to the MySQL database and set up tables and data.


Step 4 - Tables
When the database structure has been created and the simple data installed, a confirmation of the "well done job" will be displayed. If you see any other content (text/messages), you should let us know by posting a screenshot in the forums.


Step 5 - Administrator
Now it's time to create your administrator account. You can choose freely your username, all data can be changed later.


Step 6 - Finish
When finished, you'll need to delete the installation folder root/installation. This is mandatory!


Video tutorial
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Powered by MemHT