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Is MemHT dead?
Monday 17 Oct 2016 14:52
1 Posts
I see no activity at all for a few months now, anywhere and would like to know if this once awesome CMS is a dead project or not. Although I liked and still use the version 4 of it, I would like to see this project alive again.
I've searched a lot for a good CMS that has the options version 4 of MemHT had. A lot of features and sections (news, articles, gallery, forums, links and more...). But didn't found one that is open sourced and FREE. And if I did, then if I wanted all the features I would have to buy extensions and themes. I hate that!

I for one, think that if you keept the version 4 structure and features and just keept it secured and maybe make the addons up to date, I mean to rflect current code standards and designs, would have been a top CMS. But this is just my opinion. I'm not a programmer, if I was, I would have forked MemHT 4 and continue to keep it alive. Such a shame.

Does anyone know of any alternatives to the version 4 around? Could I just stick with version 4 and be good at this time?
Re: Is MemHT dead?
Manojlo Miltenovikj
Manojlo Miltenovikj
Friday 25 Nov 2016 17:08
73 Posts
Ehh.. well, not dead in theory, but with zero time available to work on it, since nobody is helping me anymore, you could (very sadly) say it.

Anyway the versione is stable and it's under the hood of a LOT of production websites around the globe, so you can use it with no worries.

The version 4 is good as the last one, but it's kinda outdated tech... v5 is much more secure and faster. It's up to you Smile
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