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in chronological order from most recent to oldest
  • [New] RC to updater (yes, almost there)
  • [Mod] Installer and updater scripts were converted to MySQLi
  • [Mod] Debug-Development and Production mode (error handling, uses inc/ file, debug option 0/1)
  • [New] Terms of use dialog notice (required by recent EU regulations)
  • [Mod] MobileDetect library updated to version 2.8.11
  • [Mod] TinyMCE updated plus mods
  • [Mod] Unused library files and folders
  • [Fix] Templates compatibility with new Smarty (Paulo Ferreira)
  • [New] MySQLi support (you should set it as db engine in inc/
  • [Mod] Updated jQuery to 1.11.1 and jQuery UI to 1.11.2 (Paulo Ferreira)
  • [Mod] Updated kses to be compatible with PHP 5.5 (Paulo Ferreira)
  • [Mod] Updated Smarty to 3.1.21 (Paulo Ferreira)
  • [Fix] Minor cron & visitor_query string info fixes
  • [Mod] Changed the required PHP version to 5.2.0 and added the optional but recommended mbstring extension in the installer
  • [Mod] Multibyte encoding string function replaced
  • [New] MB Multibyte support class for UTF-8 strings
  • [Fix] Minor template fixes
  • [Mod] Few info labels in site configuration
  • [New] Mobile device detection in (Try debugging the engine variable $Visitor), class by Serban Ghita
  • [Fix] Facebook social login. Engine options changed to "social_signin".
  • [New] More extension hooks installed
  • [Fix] Multiple minor xml fixes, thanks Paulo
  • [Fix] Minor corrections
  • [Fix] BBCode editor
  • [Mod] Removing duplicated files, not belonging to the RC version RC
  • [New] 5 beta to rc updater
  • [New] Setup filese for several plugins (thanks to Paulo)
  • [New] Log in with Facebook
  • [New] Dutch (Nederlandsk) language by Ferdi de Hilster
  • [New] TinyMCE integrated files and images browser/uploader. Files use the "files manager" plugin
  • [New] "use_ssl" site configuration variable (not listed in configuration page for now). If set to 1, forces site urls to https (SSL)
  • [New] SMTP SSL Email connection
  • [New] Set locale
  • [New] AdminCP events mextension (Dedicated to Paulinho)
  • [New] Whitelist maintenance IP
  • [New] Installer template folder permissions check
  • [New] Smiles selector in BBCode editor
  • [New] TinyMCE BBCode toolbar support
  • [New] iframe html tag allowed in kses filter (only advanced -admin- text areas)
  • [New] Ability to lock default template (users cannot select others)
  • [New] Body mextension in
  • [Mod] Search code optimization
  • [Mod] SQL indexes and code optimization
  • [Mod] Minor modifications
  • [Mod] Few minor modifications
  • [Mod] Plugin styles moved in separate files
  • [Fix] Several fixes
  • [Fix] Several minor fixes
  • [Fix] Typo
  • [Fix] Minor downloads fix
  • [Fix] Minor Gallery fix
  • [Fix] Blocks management minor status fix
  • [Fix] Missing variable
  • [Fix] Minor fixes
  • [Fix] Few minor fixes
  • [Fix] Minor fixes Beta
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